YouTube Views (Video less than 5 minutes in length) $5 per 1,000 views

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YouTube Adwords Views (Min: 10,000 ~ Max: 500,000) Video length less than 5 minutes.

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AdWord Views come from an AdWords campaign that we set up to have your video shown as an ad on other videos. These views come from Real users. These are views from advertisements that the user sees before watching any YouTube video or on display networks registered with Google AdWords. Because these views come from real users it is important to realize that the user can skip the ad video after 5 seconds. However, we will ensure that you receive all the Views you paid for. This service is not an ad that is placed on your video and you should not expect any ad revenue from this service. For this service, we buy views for you through Google AdWords via an ad campaign. Each traffic campaign has to be approved and set up individually, therefore it can take up to 72 hours for views to start and then approximately 24 hours for your order to complete (or longer for large orders). Google Ad Word restrictions apply for this service. Videos can not contain adult content, alcohol, weapons/violence, copyright content, gambling, political content, medicine and treatments, Quarantine, Covid-19/Corona Virus.  

Start Time: 
*0-72 Hours for the campaign to be approved
*0-24 hours for views to be delivered after the campaign is approved

*Up to 72 hours for YouTube to add the views to your video AFTER the order is marked Complete (do not place a new order until views have been added)
Speed: 150,000 - 500,000 per day after the campaign is approved
Retention: 70% retention up to 5 minutes but watch time is not guaranteed
GEO: Viewers could come from any country worldwide
*No videos longer than 5 minutes in length
*Videos can not contain adult content, alcohol, weapons/violence, copyright content, gambling, political content, medicine and treatments, Quarantine, COVID-19/Corona Virus
*Video must be Public during delivery

DO NOT place a new YouTube Views order until ALL the AdWord Views you purchased are shown on your video. Placing a new order before the views hit the video can affect the new order. It can take up to 72 hours to have an Ad Words campaign approved, then approximately 24 hours for the views to be delivered. Once we have completed the delivery we will update the order status to Complete, but it is VERY IMPORTANT that you are aware that it can take YouTube another 72 hours to add those AdWord Views to your video. We have no control over this. Please DO NOT PLACE A NEW ORDER UNTIL ALL VIEWS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO YOUR VIDEO. Placing a new views order before the AdWord Views have been added can cause delivery issues with the new order. 

Please Note: Approval and/or Denial of the campaign depends on Google. Some video content could make it difficult or impossible for us to process orders. Videos with only speaking (no music) may not be approved for a campaign.