YouTube Views (Min: 1,000 ~ Max: 5,000)

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YouTube Views (Min: 1,000 ~ Max: 100,000)

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**Due to very high order demand this service could experience a delayed start time. The start time could be 12 to 24 hours, and the delivery speed could be slower than average.

Start Time: 0 to 24 hours ((YouTube Counter is delayed 1-6 hours after the order starts, please allow time for views to update on the video)
Speed: 50 to 450 per day
Geo-Location: Viewers could come from any country worldwide
Retention: Estimated 20 to 30 seconds. Retention is estimated, can vary by video, and is not guaranteed.
Restrictions: Viewers could come from any country worldwide
Must be open to all countries
Must have no age restrictions
**We CAN deliver to videos with embed disabled on this service
**We CAN deliver to videos with copyright content on this service (however if YouTube removes the video after delivery we do not issue refunds for fully delivered services.